Sponsored Advertising Google & Facebook

Anglerfish Marketing institutes powerful Sponsored Advertising Campaigns that will grasp your target market. Our Digital Marketing Team has successfully put in motion Sponsored AD Campaigns in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, and Bing. Our team of marketing experts will develop a quality sponsored advertising strategy by optimizing paid keywords that will influence your target customers based on their interest and drive them to your website with compelling AD copy. Give us a call today so our marketing team can begin to expand your online presence, which increase your business.

Drive significant traffic to your website through sponsored advertising.

  • Capitalize on the existing demand for your services & products.
  • Pay only for relevant traffic: refine campaigns using keywords, days of the week, time-of-day, geography, etc.
  • Compelling AD copy will boost website conversions.

Targeted Pay Per Click

Anglerfish Marketing’s Sponsored AD marketing framework delivers a productive campaign that’s specifically constructed with the marketing goals of your business in mind. Another amazing advantage of Pay Per Click marketing is the flexibility it offers in terms of transmission. Our digital marketing firm advances proven Sponsored AD Marketing campaigns that will reach your target audience.

Target Keywords

Targeting relevant keywords through in depth research will help attract website visitors who are interested in the products and services found on your website. Our digital marketing firm has access to real-time data that shows what your target market is searching and how often. Target Keyword selection will be derived from this data.


It’s imperative to select keywords that are relevant to your service or product. Nothing upsets a website visitor more than being directed to a website that is irrelevant to their search query. Our firm will make certain that you’re not wasting money on irrelevant traffic. Our team of specialists will develop a Sponsored AD landing page that’s highly relevant to the keyword you’re targeting to ensure the best possible ROI out of each Paid AD Visitor.

Matching Options

Another effective strategy is to specify whether to bid on broad match keywords that will show for any variation of a keyword (for example, anything that includes the keyword “SEO Company”), or narrow your targeting with phrase match and exact match. Specifying negative keywords that you don’t want included is important. (For example, with a negative keyword “jobs” in an AD Group, the broad match keyword “SEO Company” will display your ad for the query “SEO Company”, but not for “SEO Company jobs”.

Geographical Targeting

Sponsored ADs should be focused on the markets that will yield the most business possible to maximize your ROI. Geo-Targeting keeps the Sponsored AD focused on the areas you normally get business from. Anglerfish Marketing will setup the AD to appear only in the selected areas which may include specific countries, states, provinces, counties, cities, and neighborhoods. We can even set a radius from a specific location. (i.e. San Diego SEO Company within 30 miles of the city center).


Paid Search presents an opportunity to deliver ADs at peak user times. This results in more customers finding your business online. Anglerfish Marketing combines data from Google AdWords and Google Analytics to determine when your target customers are online. This will increase website conversions from Pay-Per-Click marketing by spending more of your budget during peak user hours and less during off-hours. Days of the week can also be excluded strategically in order to help maintain the monthly budget or if specific days have been proven to be low performing days.

Control The Search Experience

Now that we’ve placed the advertisement in front of the correct audience, it’s time to keep them interested. Anglerfish Marketing will create an advertisement that’s informative, creative or entertaining to compel sponsored AD visitors to click through to your website. Our digital marketing team will direct website visitors to highly relevant content that will convert them into customers.

Analysis & Reporting

Anglerfish Marketing will provide regular Sponsored AD reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, and goal tracking. This information will allow our team and yours to assess the effectiveness of the Sponsored AD campaign and continue to perfect it.

Web Development & Marketing

What We Do

Anglerfish Marketing's Web Development team will create a custom website design solution that will capitvate your online audience to the point of purchase.

We build, launch and grow brands by developing cross-channel, insights-driven strategies that are guided by comprehensive research and a thorough understanding of our client’s wants, needs and dreams.